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When should the wire rope be scrapped

1. The wire rope of the truck mounted crane should be scrapped when the wire rope reaches 7 or 8 roots within one pitch.
2. The wire rope is worn and the diameter is reduced. If the diameter of the wire rope is 40%, it should be scrapped.
3. In the transport or hoisting of metal solution, hot material, acid, flammable and poisonous steel wire rope, the corrosion of chemical media, wire rope should be scrapped.
4. In the course of use, the wire rope can be broken or the wick of the wire rope is extruded, causing the structural damage, the wire rope should be scrapped.
5. If the steel wire rope's appearance is seriously deformed, the structure is damaged, the rope core is extruded or there is obvious shrinkage, and the phenomenon of composting should be scrapped.

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