Why Choose A Truck Crane

The crane is the crane which is installed on the general or special truck chassis and has the driving performance of the truck. Recently, truck crane is more and more popular engineering.
A truck crane has the following advantages:
1. Move freely.In its lifting capacity and dimensions tolerance, truck crane can undertake most of the lifting work in the entire factory or cargo yard.
2. In addition to being used as a crane, it can be equipped with a variety of bucket grab, trencher and shovel for other work on the armrest.
3. No need fixed structures such as overhead rails. Therefore, infrastructure investment, production costs or maintenance costs can be reduced.
4. It has independent power plant and does not need to install feed cable or contact conductive device.
5. It can place loads on the ground, below the ground, or higher than a car crane.

Truck Crane Car cranes are widely used in transportation, construction, mining and road construction. Used for handling large parts, packing pieces, bulk goods and building components. In particular, when the goods are dispersed, the amount of goods sent or received is small or the installation workload is small, it is not appropriate to use the special lifting equipment, the truck crane is widely used. Large lifting tasks can be accomplished on a small ground and in space. It has the advantages of maneuverability, flexibility, length, weight and speed.

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