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Characteristics And Application Of Crane Oil

Low temperature grease, is special for truck crane. It is also called low torque by organic thickeners thickening ester synthetic oil low temperature performance, and with oxidation, rust prevention and other additives added refined but become resistant to low temperature grease. This cryogenic lipid is designed for the lubrication of precise equipment requiring minimal movement and operating torque at low temperature and provides excellent anti-rust and corrosion protection. Applicable temperature range: - 50 ~ + 150 ℃.
Properties of low temperature grease:
Excellent high and low temperature performance, low start torque at low temperature.
Good lubrication performance and adhesion performance, the working temperature range is wide.
Excellent water resistance and oxidation resistance.
Excellent mechanical stability, colloid stability and storage, long service life.
Low temperature grease application:
It is applicable to the lubrication and silencing of automatic synchronous motor, servo motor, control cable and transmitter in low temperature environment.
It is suitable for the bearing and gear of mechanical and instrument for cold region, especially for the lubrication of auto parts glass lift, central door lock and gear assembly of lifting antenna.
Low temperature grease:
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