Basic Essentials Of Crane Boom

The boom telescopic mechanism has the basic arm, two arms, three arms and so on, with boom pulley, arm end pulley. The base boom is fitted with a winding box, torque limiter, angle sensor. arm length sensor, and raise the height limit alarm switch, etc. There is a telescopic hydraulic cylinder in the boom, steel wire rope, pull a drawstring row, guide pulley and the steering blocks around the upper and lower arms of each arm. In lifting operation room, lifting arm extension operation handle push arm extension forward. the operating handle is in the middle position, keep the boom fixed. The operating handle is pulled backwards for the boom retract. If you need to scale quickly, can increase the speed of throttle. For the products equipped with torque limiters, strictly follow the load number assignment on the display screen.
For the secondary lifting arms, be sure to stick your legs out, and the crane is adjusted. Make sure you have enough space when you install and store the pair of arms. The movement of the forearm forward and backward is not too fast in the installation and storage of the forearm. Ladders should be used to ensure safety when installing and storing the arm must be on high ground.T

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