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How to ensure the safety of small truck crane basket

The hanging basket is installed on the end of the boom. Operator can stand on the basket to finished the aerial work. This basket is called the hanging basket.
Small crane mounted a dedicated basket at the end of the boom. It can lifting goods by the crane, also can do aerial work by the basket.
After the basket installed on the crane, operator not limited by workplace, the operation range is large. And it is easy installation, automatically adjust the balance, not swing in the air, good stable performance, very suitable for the high working, Increase the use of the crane, improves efficiency.
Also, operator should obey the following requirement:
1. Aerial work personnel must hold aloft working operation certificate.
2. Strictly prohibit overweight. Must stop working when the wind reached grade 4.
3. Aerial work personnel must fasten your seat belt, and connected to the crane, forbid and arms crossed.
4. Homework personnel and the driver must have a contact in the manner provided.
5. The crane driver must hold a valid driving license and special operation certificate.

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