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Brake maintenance knowledge

Brake is a small crane important safety components, have to stop hanging objects falling, realize the function such as parking, only intact brake on crane operation safety can be guaranteed, and the accuracy of resolutely put an end to run in spite of, lubrication and maintenance of brake regularly at the same time.
The brake wheel of the small crane is too hot and the brake pads smoke and the brake arm is not open. The causes of these mechanical failures are analyzed as below:
1. Excessive wear of brake band or brake wheel; The brake has small pieces of partial peeling; The main spring is too loose; The brake belt and the brake wheel have oil scale; Where there is a stuck or overworn part of the movable hinge; The lock nut of the small crane loosens the pulling rod loose; The impeller rotation of hydraulic push-rod songbrake is not flexible.
2. The brake gasket is badly or large, or the long stroke electromagnet is stuck, the main spring fails, or the main parts of the brake are damaged.
3. The clearance between brake and gasket is too large or too small.
4. Small crane hinge have stuck place or braking torque too large, or lack of oil in hydraulic push rod loose brake cylinder and mixed with air, or hydraulic push rod loose brake using grease does not conform to the requirements, or brake and the brake wheel with dirt.
Preventive measures on a regular basis for a small crane brake inspection, maintenance, small cranes, lifting mechanism of the brake must be per shift time, operation of the brake to once a day, mainly check the following content:
1. There is no lag or wear in the hinge.
2. The movement of each activity of the small crane is normal.
3. Whether the hydraulic system is normal.
4. The wear between brake and brake belt is normal and clean. According to the condition of inspection, determine whether the small crane brake is normal, firmly eliminate the running of the disease, and the brake should be lubricated and maintained regularly.

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