The Basic Requirements For The Crane Driver

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1. Very familiar with their own vehicles, must know its function and restrictions, as well as some of its special operating characteristics.
2. Should be fully familiar with the contents of the manual provided in the truck crane truck manual.
3. Should be fully familiar with the truck crane truck lifting diagram. Must understand the meaning of all signs and warnings. To be able to calculate or determine the actual lifting capacity of the truck crane truck.
4. According to the requirements of manufacturers, regular inspection and maintenance of the truck crane transport.
5. Do a good job with the truck crane transport log, recorded in the log: all testing, maintenance and maintenance of the truck crane and other detailed records.
6. Find the load, install the lock, and find out where the load is specific.
7. Consider all factors that may affect the lifting capacity of the truck crane, and adjust the weight of the hoisting accordingly.
8. Know how to load the basic equipment on the rigging, and to ensure the implementation of specific operations.
9. Keep good communication with the signal.
10. Smooth, safe operation with the car lifting transport.
11. When the truck is unloaded, it should be shut down and operated correctly.
12. The drivers must undergo professional safety training. It is strictly forbidden to use the lifting equipment.
13. Before work must check the operation of the device is normal, whether the wire rope in line with safety regulations, brakes, hydraulic devices and safety devices are complete and sensitive and reliable. It is forbidden to run sick.
14. The lifting angle of the boom shall not be less than 30 °.Crane in the case of load should avoid the ups and downs of the boom. It is forbidden to change the joystick before lifting the boom.
15. Drivers and lifting operators must be closely with each other, listen to the commander of the signal command.
16. Before the operation, you must first trumpet, such as the command of the gesture is unclear or wrong, the driver has the right to refuse to implement, the work of the driver of any emergency stop signal must be immediately stopped, to be eliminated after the insecurity factors to continue to work.
17. Must comply with all traffic management rules and regulations, is strictly prohibited drunk driving. When driving, do not smoke, diet and chat.
18. When lifting heavy objects, you should first lift up the goods from the ground about 10 cm, check the stability of the crane and the brake is flexible and effective, in the confirmation of normal circumstances can continue to work.

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