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Attention of the crane leg operation

1. Familiar with leg control, handle and function.
The leg control handle and spiral valve of the car crane are usually placed on the side side of the girder of the base, and some of the tire crane leg handles are placed in the driving room. The result of the operation is: push the leg control handle before and after the leg release; Pull back and pull back and forth. The hydraulic cylinder piston cannot move when the handle is placed in the middle position. The leg is in a state of support at this time, under the effect of the weight and the body of the crane, to large hydraulic cylinder cavity oil discharge, but due to the hydraulic cylinder has two-way hydraulic lock, big cavity hydraulic oil locked check valve is tight, so, can prevent the leakage from system to system make the leg in the job contract when (soft legs) or to make up leg during vehicle running, at the same time also can be avoided in the tubing fracture accident cases caused by leg not work accident.
2. Starting internal combustion engine
After running for a period of time, when the water temperature and oil temperature are normal, the hydraulic pump can be used to drive the hydraulic pump to start the work. Check the hydraulic system without seepage, oil pressure normal after the crane can make a leg operation.
3. Site inspection
Wheel crane should not be parked on the negative well, shelter, and should not be parked on the soft and sloping ground, wall and near the high tension line lifting operations, such as must be in the work in this, to take safety measures. If the working site of the crane is uneven, it shall be filled with steel plates or sleepers with proper thickness and size, and the cushion shall be made up to ensure the foundation of the support leg plate.
4. Look for obstacles in front of your legs.
5. You must pull out the horizontal leg pin before hitting the leg. In the absence of a leg, the lifting arm may not be transferred to the side or rear side.
6. Before you hit the leg, you should put the bus stop in the neutral position, put the stop brake, and put the axle on the stabilizer.

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