Safety inspection before lifting the crane

Lift Group Kindly Prompted:
1. Check whether the working conditions meet the requirements, especially the foundation bearing condition!
2. Check the factors that affect the lifting operation, especially the lifting work carried out in a special environment.
3. Check whether the crane load condition is stable and reliable. if there is no fixed object above the crane truck.
4. Check the status of each working device, includes the hook, wire rope and the multiplier of the pulley block whether matched the loading capacity.
5. Check the safety equipment of crane truck, especially to confirm the the effectiveness of safety protection devices, such as height limit device, Anti - back inclining device, signal device, hook anti - release device. The electronic torque limiter or the safety load indicator should be checked in the test hanger to confirm its functional reliability.
6. For an accumulator, check whether its pressure meets the prescribed requirements.
7. Operate the crane truck before lifting goods, loosen the hook, lift up the boom, operating various working bodies at low speed, Smoothly operation of lifting, changing, stretching, rotating each working mechanism and brake pedal.

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