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The lubrication of crane truck wire rope has a great influence on the service life of wire rope

The lubrication of crane wire rope has a great influence on the service life of wire rope. The system lubrication of the crane wire rope can prolong the life of the wire rope 23 times, so it should be lubricated to the crane wire rope on time, so that it is often in good lubrication condition.
The crane wire rope is continuously used to check the wire rope through the pulley groove and the drum. When the lifting mechanism works. To tension, extrusion, such as friction, reverse loading, at the same time, follow through a series of wire rope pulley, and from time to time by the repeated actions of bending and extrusion will bring fatigue phenomenon of broken wires, together with other factors such as wear and corrosion, intensify the development of the steel wire rope broken wires, therefore, deal with wire rope for appearance inspection once a week, every month should be a full detail specific inspection, good to a small number of broken wires to dispose of, in case of broken wires to make other wire broken; For individual pieces of wire rope, to be removed in time.For example, if the steel wire rope is not fixed and the torque is unbalanced, the cage will occur close to the anchor end, which will affect the life of the whole wire rope if not removed in time. , for not reverse the wire rope, because of its special structure around when entanglement must not damage or interfere with the original fixed pitch, between strand cable, to prevent slip or outer strand loose form cage shape. The steel wire rope is an important part in lifting mechanism, which guarantees the quality of production, and the use factor has great influence on the service life of the wire rope. Otherwise, the wire rope will diverge in the winding process, thus reducing the service life of the wire rope.
The surrounding the entanglement of crane steel wire rope has direct influence the service life of wire rope or no more than 2 °, used and maintained to the service life of wire rope has a great influence. Choosing the best type of wire rope and pulley material, by professional staff timely inspection, maintenance and use, the structure to ensure the Central Line of wire rope and neutral wire reel, pulley axis Angle alpha 1 ° 30 'or less. It will extend the service life of the wire rope, reduce the construction interest, guarantee the construction period and improve the economic efficiency. Crane rope before lubrication, wire rope appearance should be clear out the backlog of dirt and rust, grease heated to a temperature of about 60 ° C, the grease can be fully soaked to the interior of the wire rope

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