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What cause the lift tilt

Electric lift is very widely used of aerial working. A lot of small electric lift factories produce electric lift tilt seriously. There are serious security hidden danger. Aerial work equipment safety performance directly affects the safety of staff in the aerial work.
Electric lift slope is mainly caused by three reasons:
1. Lift platform chassis tilt
Because of many small lift platform manufacturers lack of high precision cast iron platform. Only by manual welding chassis control level of processing, by the eye alone is difficult to control precision, and quality is not stable. Xinxiang Lift Machinery Co.,Ltd adopts high precision cast iron platform, lift platform chassis production was done in high precision cast iron platform, effectively guarantee the level of chassis.
2. Improper operation
Four legs must be supported on solid ground. Operator must pay attention to supporting legs to make sure the base level did not tilt. Because the height of the electric lift is generally high, the inclination of the minor will be magnified, influence the safety of the lift platform.
3. Electric lifts pole pitch
A lot of lift platform manufacturers in order to save money, don't buy pitch positioning device, rely on the experience of the workers to control the pitch, the pitch of the inconsistencies, electric cargo-lifts tilt in the process of lifting.

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