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Environmental or external causes for the handling of crane oil temperature

The oil temperature is high due to the environment or external cause, which is characterized by the decrease of the pressure drop of the hydraulic oil temperature of the crane, and it can be used normally after taking appropriate measures.
1, The ambient temperature is high. Working in the sun, the heat source is too close, long time continuous heavy duty. In this case, the temperature can be reduced due to the timely shutdown, the increase of air convection, and the cooling of the hydraulic oil tank.
2. The original system has hydraulic oil radiator, the radiator is not good. There is not enough circulating cooling conditions.
3. The design of hydraulic system itself, the defects of processing and assembly. That can only be modified, such as heating radiator, increasing pipe diameter and so on.
4. The oil temperature is high because of the change of hydraulic oil. Always keep the oil clean and replace the hydraulic fluid in time. (please note that there is an air filter on the hydraulic tank. Users of this filter are often ignored. When the construction of the sound field dust many times, dust can easily be inhaled into the hydraulic tank without this filter element. Also, please note that after replacing the total pump or motor, you must clean the hydraulic oil tank and the filter core, because the damaged metal powder may be in the tank.
5. The hydraulic system enters the air and causes a high temperature of oil. The compressibility of the hydraulic fluid used in the hydraulic system is small, and its influence can be ignored in general. But low-pressure air is very compressible, about 10,000 times as much as hydraulic oil. So even though the system contains a small amount of air, its effects and hazards are significant. Because the dissolved air in the hydraulic oil from oil at low pressure in escape, bubbles, the formation of cavitation, in high pressure under the action of the bubbles and is soon to shoot, sharply by compression will release a lot of heat. The large amount of air in the hydraulic oil of the small crane can also make the oil deteriorate and reduce the service life of oil. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent air from entering the hydraulic system. The main reasons for air entering the hydraulic system are the following aspects: the pipe joint or hydraulic component is sealed, the local pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure, and the air enters the system; The partition in the tank is damaged, making the oil in the tank easy to produce bubbles; Not discharge air after replacing the new oil or repairing the hydraulic system; The oil tank is too low after the leakage of pipeline.

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