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What cause the hydraulic lift rust and mixed with water

1. Check the hydraulic system of hydraulic lift whether there is sundry or mixed with water. If there is, the O ring of the elevator mechanism may damage. We need to replace the o-ring.
2. Check whether the hydraulic lift fuel tank filler is not cover cause the water and other contaminants into.
3. Check the various components of the hydraulic system, whether because of the damage cause to the oil pollution.
二、The main oil cylinder piston rod vibration
1. Check whether the work oil of hydraulic lift is too low. Oil pump suction air caused the hydraulic cylinder piston crawl. Now need to add the hydraulic oil to the oil level.
2. Check whether the hydraulic lifting system of main oil pump oil absorption is flat.
3. Check whether the push mechanism O ring is compressed tightly, this situation may be produced after overhaul.
4. Check whether the oil temperature is too high, cause the main hydraulic cylinder piston ring bite dead.
三、 The oil temperature is too high
1. Check the pumping process, whether because of high load cause the main relief valve overflow. Now need to reduce the load.
2. Check whether there is the main relief valve failure often overflow, if is overhauling the overflow valve, replace the damaged parts and adjust.
3. Check auxiliary electric hydraulic valves, they can make the distributing valve pump unloading time shortened if there is a failure, and the distributing valve pump often at a high load operation.
4. If change the hydraulic oil, need to check whether the oil viscosity is too low, to make the oil pump internal leakage loss is too big. If yes, then replace the suitable viscosity of hydraulic oil.
5. Check whether the oil pump is hot, in order to determine whether high oil temperature rise caused by oil pump fault. If the oil pump heating is not due to the oil viscosity is too low, now need to overhaul the oil pump, find out the cause of the problem and ruled out it.

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