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Lifting platform hydraulic pump

We should pay attention to the hydraulic oil pump in use process.
(1) oil pump has been adjusted before delivery. anyone shall not be arbitrarily adjusted. probably readjust, must carry on with the aid of the pressure gauge. Before the high pressure oil pipe leave the factory, it should be pass 105 mpa test. Because the rubber hose is easy to aging, Users often check every six months. If frequently use, we should check it every three months. if there is any breakage, bump, leakage phenomenon, oil pump can not be use.
(2) before start the electric pump, need to open air nut, open the switch in the unloading position. Working oil temperature 10 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius. Uses in the process to discover the electrical machinery hyperpyrexia, should stop the use. After self-cooling, uses again. Gas and oil change every time, you have to mesh with more than 80 mesh filter oil filter, wash tank during replacement, oil change period of six months.
(3)bearing always be cleaned every six months, add grease during assembly. electric hydraulic pump oil storage capacity on the elevator must be within the scope of the above oil window.

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