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Maintenance Of Crane Hydraulic System

1. The crane oil pump, oil cylinder and control valve shall be inspected in time for leakage.
2. The crane should always check whether the fittings are strong and tight, no oil leakage.
3. Lubricate and replace the hydraulic oil according to the hydraulic oil lubrication sheet, and clean the inside of the tank.
4. The crane's filter should always check for blockage, check whether the relief valve changes after use.
5. When the crane starts in the winter, it will be stopped and repeated several times, until the oil temperature rises and the control valve moves flexibly.
6. After the pressure adjustment of the overflow valve of the crane, it is not allowed to change randomly. Before each climb, the pressure gauge is applied to check whether the pressure is normal.
7. When the crane starts the oil pump after installation and overhaul, it is necessary to check whether the inlet and outlet are connected and turn the correct direction. The suction pipe line is leaky, then use the hand to try to turn, finally in the regulation speed inside start and test to move.

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