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New Developed Products Non-Asbestos Gasket Materials

Our Group has independently developed the environment-friendly non-asbestos sealing material which was patented invention. All the products are tested by the state authorities of China government, not include asbestos at all. The indicators reach the international level of similar products.
Environmentally friendly non-asbestos materials use heat-resistant anti-corrosion and high strength organic or inorganic fiber as raw materials. Adopt the international advanced long net paper craft. The non-asbestos gasket materials has temperature- resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, high compression rebound, good creep resistance and torque retention. It's the ideal non-asbestos gasket materials.
Due to the environmental and human health hazards of asbestos materials. non-asbestos gasket materials was forbidden in some developed countries such as Europe, No asbestos gasket materials will be an inevitable trend in the development of international seal material industry.
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