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How to keep the crane parts in normal temperature

Crane is in the work, the temperature of each component has its own normal range. Such as the general cooling water temperature is 80-90 ℃, the temperature of the hydraulic drive system of the hydraulic oil for 30 to 60 ℃, below or above this range will speed up the process of wear parts, cause lubricating oil deterioration, the change of material performance and so on.
Experiment shows that the crane's main drive gear and bearing in operation in lubricating oil - 5 ℃ than at 3 ℃ operation in lubricating oil, wear to increase 10 to 12 times. But when the temperature is too high, it will accelerate the deterioration of lubricating oil, such as oil temperature over 55 to 60 ℃, the oil temperature rise every 5 ℃, the oil oxidation rate will be doubled.
Therefore, crane in use process, the overload operation, to prevent low temperature to ensure normal operation in the process of the temperature stage at low speed, the mechanical driving again after the temperature reaches or work, don't cry because it is the problem and not ignore the important role; In order to prevent the machine from running at high temperature, it is important to check the numerical value of various temperature meters in the process of mechanical operation.
For a temporary lack of reason, must not be dealt with but still make the mechanical disease work. In normal work, check the working condition of the cooling system. For water cooled machines, check and add cooling water before daily work; For air - cooled machinery, also regularly clean the air - cooling system dust, to ensure that the ventilation duct is unimpeded.

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