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The difference between fixed scissor lift and guide rail lift

Fixed scissor lift and guide rail lift are both the preferred lifting machinery equipment used for the production workshop or transport goods between floors. Sometimes it is suitable for both the fixed scissor lift and the guide rail lift. Then how to choose a suitable lift for own use? Here i 'd like to explain the difference between the two models.
1. The advantages: Fixed scissor lift should to make pit before installation. The ground hidden design, when it fall or rising to the ground, it take up little space. The guide rail lift is to depend on the guide rail drive chain, main power on the cylinder and the chain. The top of the guide rail should be 2 km above the top.
2. Late work maintenance: Repair or maintenance of the guide rail lift are whole on the ground, It is very convenient and simple to maintenance. Just need to change the hydraulic oil regularly. Fixed scissor lift under the ground, People need to go down to the bottom to repair. If it is frequently use, we must check the wear degree of branches, repair and maintenance of the late more troublesome.
3. Lifting form of the two devices: Fixed scissor lift is composed of a set or more sets of the strut cross, its height is much higher than guide rail type. Need to deeper pit depth. Lifting higher, the pit depth is deeper. Guide rail lift is not affected by the influence of the height and mesa, hole depth 15-30 cm is OK.
Comprehensive above, guide rail lift is suitable for elevated altitude higher multi-layer workshop. Fixed scissor lift is mainly used for transport goods in low floor. Customers can choose a suitable lift according to above points. 

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