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How to extend the working life of the lift

The aerial working platform mobile with four wheels, vertical lifting up and down. Main scissor structure uses the high quality high strength rectangle manganese steel. With wide operating table, firm structure, heavy laoding capacity and lifting smoothly. Simple and convenient to install and maintenance. 2-3 People can work at the same time. People stand on the platform can control the lift moving on, backward, turning left and right, lifting up amd down without supporting legs. Automatic self propelled scissor lift is very convenient and flexible, which make the aerial work more safer and efficient.
According to the using environment and the requirement, people can choose different power combination. People can choose different optional configuration according to the task. The platform height can be higher by increased the shear fork number. The platform is controlled by electric. Operator can operate the lift on top and the ground. The power unit adopts imported pump station, can be 220V and 380V supply. Also, the lift equipped with manual hydraulic pump. People can operate the lift manual when the power failure. Antiskid plate can be stretched out, to ensure the safety of goods and personnel. Easy to clean and maintain.
The aerial working platform is frequently used for landscaping pruning branches. To extend the working life of the aerial working platform. We should to use the lift correctly, also must adjust and maintain the parts of aerial working platform correctly.
The daily maintenance of aerial work platform is regular inspection and lubrication. Regular lubrication is very important. Lift should be lubricated once a week. After the ueducer installed for the first time, the new lubricating oil must be replaced after 1 - 2 weeks. Next time ubricating oil shoule be replaced every 6 to 7 months. The lubrication condition and gear condition should be checked regularly.
According to the regulations of the national standard, the braking distance for safety device should be in 0.25 - 1.2 m, but not But not the shorter the better. Oppositely, the shorter the braking distance, the greater the impact, the greater damage of the mechanism. Especially the high-speed aerial working platform, the harm is particularly serious. Due to the current relevant national standard has not to make any new rules to the braking distance of aerial working platform. Ordinary braking distance of lift shoule be controlled between 0.6 - 1 m, not more than 1.4 m. Adjust the braking distance, must follow the following principles:
Safety device must be in effective calibration period, must obtain the consent of the manufacturer, or adjustment Under the guidance of professional personnel.

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