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Safety operation procedures of mobile elevator platform

1. Each mobile elevator platform was strict debugging before left our factory. Adjust pressure regulating valve, can make the system abnormal operation. Non-professional personnel shall not adjust pressure regulating valve.
2. Platform should be inspected carefully before they are in the use of hydraulic, electrical system, no leakage or bare phenomenon, various connection parts and fasteners loose without rear can use.
3. Mobile elevator platform must stretch the supporting legs while working, Adjust the height, Make the platform horizontal (leaving the ground to walk round).
4. Switch on power supply, start the motor, lifting up with light loading. check the hydraulic system normal or not. Then lifting up again with loading.
5. The load center of gravity should be at the center position of workbench face.
6. The door lock of the protective railings should be fasten, then people can work on both ends.
7. Elevator should strictly according to the provisions of the loading capacity. Overload working may lead to personnel and equipment damage.
8. Personnel ambulate, shaking is strictly prohibited in the process of rising and falling.
9. There is abnormal sound while working, operator should stop the machine immediately to check, to avoid equipment and personnel damage.
10. After the work done, lifting down the platform, cut off the power supply, consolidate and leg, push the platform in a specified location.

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