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The influence of the lift platform motor voltage instability

During the running-in period
1. When the platform stop, don't suddenly stop when lifting up or down. There will be a "brake" effect too suddenly stop, This is a normal phenomenon, this phenomenon will disappear for a period of time.
2. Due to the high speed motor in the work, hard tube, seals and other parts, hydraulic system needs more pressure, want to cancel every corner of the hydraulic pump.
3. Wear fast, will be attached, such as oil, heating, Each of our lift is equipped with a hole and grease guns and butter, facilitating the clients to add butter.
For frequent voltage instability may directly burn motor electric hoist the fossil-fired electric single generating units is the influence of voltage instability, electric hoist motor burning cause consequence is very serious.
We shall ensure the stable working voltage when we use the lift platform. Ensure the daily maintenance is each operator should have the professional quality.

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