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How to keep the truck crane in a good condition

Generally there is a 60-hour run in period after truck crane leaving our factory. This run in period is very important for the truck crane normal operation, low fault rate, extending its application life in the future. But many company is short of crane application knowledge, or want to get income quickly, and ignore the run in period. They make the truck crane with long time overload application in the period. Lead to the machine problem occurred frequently. Not only Affect the disorder function of the machine,but also shortens the operation life of truck crane.
About run in period
1. Wears away fast
2. Not smoothly
3. Occurred loose
4.Sometimes sweepage signs
Application and protection in period
1. Because of the crane is special vehicles, the operator should be trained from the manufacturer, Fully understand the performance and function, get the manipulation skill and protection experience, then operator can operate the truck crane. Operator must first browse the protection manual before operate truck crane. It is easy to operation and maintenance according to the manual.
2. Note the load capacity in period. The loading capacity in period will be not more than 80% of the rated load capacity. And note the working hours. Operator should avoid the truck crane continue work for a long time to cause any sign by overheated.
3. Pay attention to each instrument. If any instrument display abnormally, operator should stop working.
4. Note the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, cooling liquid, brake fluid, fuel oil level and quality, and pay attention to the sealing parts.
5. Keep the machine clean, adjust the tighten loose parts timely, to avoid the parts is loosened significantly to cause the parts lose.
6. When the period finished, note to change the hydraulic oil
In short, improve the training, never increase the load capacity, enhance smoothly, note instruments. So that the truck crane with long working life and bring more profits for you. 

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