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How to judge the truck crane oil should be changed

1. Observe through the oil dipstick
Take out a small amount of oil through oil level gauge, then drop the oil in the oil dipstick. Then place one night with static. Waiting for the oil on the dipstick fully spread. If the spread of the oil oil loops, diffusion and precipitation between the edge of the harder, the engine oil performance attenuation is more seriously.
2. Through driving feeling after oil changed
All the performance of the engine oil has a "shelf life". At one period you feel the motivation is stupid and accelerate slow. These status means that due "shelf life". The oil should be changed.
When you change the oil and feel the power improve obviously. That means the last oil change range is a bit too long. Next time you can ahead of schedule 500 kilometers appropriately. This 1-2 times you can find a more accurate mileage for an oil change.
Finally, Xinxiang City Lift Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd want to remind everybody. It is better to replace oil filter at the same time. Oil filter is used to intercept the impurities in the oil, if you don't change in time, the accumulation of impurities can cause congestion. May cause insufficient oil pressure, mechanical parts lubrication is not good, more seriously can cause excessive wear engine.

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