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Analyse Automatic Self-Propelled scissor Lift

Currently self-propelled scissor lift increasingly recognized by customers. From the sale point of aerial work platform in 2015,Self propelled scissor aerial work platforms are far ahead of the major types of aerial work platforms.So why Scissor aerial work platform can become the best-selling series of aerial work platforms? In fact only for several reasons:the price has the absolute advantage corresponding to the articular boom and telescopic boom type lift;And it is more flexibility corresponding to the manual lift, spider style, masts column lift, and other aerial work platforms.
Self-propelled scissor aerial work platforms are generally used for all kinds of places which needs vertical lift up and down. Comparison with other type of high-altitude platform, Scissor mechanism lift platform with good stability and high safety. Depending on the number of layers scissors arm, scissors mechanism is divided into single, double, three, four, five and so on. Depending on the number of groups scissors arm, scissors mechanism into a single scissor arm, double scissor arm and multi scissor arm etc. Group number refers to the scissor in the same layer number of repetitions. Layers number refers to scissor arm vertically superimposed. For stability considerations, scissors mechanism is generally double scissors. Logistics lifting platform and the stage usually use single and double scissors mechanism. In aerial work platforms, three, four, five of the scissors mechanism are applied. Three and four layers scissor type high altitude platform drived with one oil cylinder.Five layers scissor type high altitude platform drived with two oil cylinders.
Scissors movement is relatively simple, only the up and down movement of the work platform. When lifting up, the hydraulic pump the oil to the lift cylinder to make the lift cylinder lifting up. When lifting down, of oil in the lift cylinder is pushed back to the tank under its own weight, the platform go down. Because of it is manned operation, which moves up and down slower than the speed when institutions are generally not considered to calculate the force of inertia force of the impact. The core of the scissors mechanism calculation is to calculate the lift cylinder force. If realize the lifting oil cylinder force at any position, people can can guide the design of the hydraulic system. It may further calculate the lever in the hinge point force, and check rod member strength. Scissors mechanism truss system consists of a plurality of rods composed of calculation of the cylinder force is generally used virtual work principle. Virtual work principle make the calculating process simple, problem-solving ideas lucid similar structures in multi storey buildings, the weight of the upper wishbone layer by layer superimposed on the lower fork arm, which scissor mechanism wishbone lowermost bar member of the most dangerous force. Through the front cylinder pressure calculation, scissors mechanism force largest at the initial position in general. So just need to check the force of the lowest layer scissors mechanism in the initial position.

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