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How to replace the hydraulic oil

Hydraulic oil should be replaced immediately once it is found spoiled

1. Under the conditions of the crane fully recovered, all the hydraulic oil in the tank should be released from the bottom of the tank to a large recycling container;
2. After put off the hydraulic oil, remove the oil return pipe, using special solid chemical to clean fuel tank and oil filter, and dry.
3. Insert the same brand new hydraulic oil, start the engine at low speed operation to make the pump starts to operate. Control agencies separately, the old oil in each circuit will be discharged one by one through the hydraulic system. When the new hydraulic oil flow out from the oil return pipe, people can stop the pump rotation.
4. Connect the dried oil return pipe to the tank, after that put all components in the initial state, put the hydraulic oil to the tank to reach its set position.
Note: People should continue to inject new oil when changed the oil in each circuit, to prevent pump cavitation. Of course, pay attention about the safety, to prevent leakage of oil spill pollution. And old oil should be special handling, avoiding leakage of oil spill pollution. And old oil should be special handling.
5. The hydraulic oil filter tank needs to be examined and get regular cleanings, remove impurities, avoiding block oil channel.

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