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Daily Maintenance of Truck Crane Hydraulic System

Crane hoists with hydraulic system, whether the hydraulic system can work normally determine the performance of the crane, so the usual maintenance of hydraulic systems is especially important.

So how to do a correct and effective daily maintenance?
Details as below:

1. Check the vehicle hydraulic system. And check whether the connection is loose, the oil spilled, the nicks rod, or the low-pressure pump suction pipe connection is unreliable, the hydraulic oil vent is not smooth.

2. Check the hydraulic fuel tank. Observed by the liquid manometer, and the level in two-thirds is proper. If the oil shortage, it should be added the same brand oil.

3. Check the oil color, odor, viscosity. Once the oil appears brown, white and smells awful, replace it immediately.

4. Check the hydraulic oil cooler. Remove dust, sludge,grease on the heat sink;

5. Check the hydraulic pumps and motors .Look at if its fixing bolt is loose, the shaft end of the drive shaft is seal. And after the replacement of hydraulic pumps and motors, the operation should be filled to prevent idling.

The daily maintenance is part of preventive work. It is a very important link to reduce hydraulic system failure.

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