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The Maintenance of Crane Boom

Maintenance steps are as follows:

1) Before the boom work, we should check the pulley block ratio, the weight status and the function of the brake. The rotation axis of hook pulley must be perpendicular to the ground if the magnification changed.

2) The driver should know the crane lifting conditions ,the max.loading capacity, and the weight of the goods which will be lifted . The weight of the goods which will be lifted should not more than the max.loading capacity. When max.loading capacity and the goods weight is unknown, we should raise the goods from the ground 10-500 px, then check the brake, the sling, and the stability of the whole state , and lift it after determined safe .If there was a crane overturning signs or other hazards exist, it should be landed on the ground immediately.

3) Pay attention to the lifting height, it must keep a certain distance from the head arm.

4) When the empty hook falls , gravity can be used to improve efficiency, but be sure to use with the brakes so that the weight gradually decelerated to a stop. Emergency stop may cause the boom ,the luffing cylinder and the winch damage , even cause accidents.

5)When the goods falls to a low position, pay attention to the rope on the drum, it's security ring would not less than 3 laps .

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