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How to deal with the automatic sinking crane boom

Crane boom automatic sink, also called automatic retract or retract, which caused by two reasons:
One is due to the crane balance valve closed lax , resulting in the link; The other one is the piston of hydraulic cylinder excessive wear and close lax, resulting in the link.
In troubleshooting, you should first check the balance valve, extend the boom, let the selector valve in the neutral position, turn off the engine. Open the hose fittings between the balance valve and selector valve.
If the Hydraulic oil hose tapping out constantly with the crane arm decline, then the fault is generated by the balancing valve closed lax and leaking insideļ¼Œso we should field-strip the balance valve.
If the Hydraulic oil hose not tapping out, then the fault is due to the hydraulic cylinder piston excessive wear and close lax, so we should change it.

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