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The Matters We Should Attention When Using Crane Legs

Because of the heavy loading capacity, the crane has legs. Leg is a very important support tool, it can keep the crane stability when the crane work.
Then what matters we should attention when using it? let's have a look.
1. Pull the plug before extend the horizontal leg, and plug the outrigger bolt after the lifting operation.
2. Extend the vertical leg when the crane horizontal leg is not fully extended, and recover the horizontal leg after the vertical leg returned back. Otherwise it will lead to the hydraulic cylinder bent, oil spilled or the bracket damaged by the vertical leg.
3. The horizontal leg must be extended fully when the crane operation. If not, we should use lifting performance table.
4. Check the legs and adjust it during the lifting operation to ensure that the crane is in the level of state.
Please check the above matters when operate the crane legs. It will be helpful to improve the working efficiency and economic benefit, avoiding any unexpected things happen in the lifting process.

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