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Announcements Before Using the Truck Crane

1. Read the operating manual carefully first.
2. Check if the oil in the fuel tank is enough. it should be 50 mm lower than the top of the tank fuel.
3. Check if the oil pipe is leaking. Once oil leaking, people should tighten the screws with a wrench. If it's still leaking, people should unscrew the joints, and replace a new synthetic if it's damaged.
4. Check whether the buckles wire rope tight, whether the screws loose. These must be checked carefully before working.
5. Idle for 2 minutes when first time using, if no abnormal questions, it can go on working, otherwise stop the truck crane immediately.
6. All the parts of the equipment has been debugged before leaving the factory. General they are not allowed to disassemble or adjustment or checked under high pressure.

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