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Mobile Lifting Platforms Product Description

Mobile lifting platform (SJY type) is a scissor hydraulic lifting platform that to achieve device mobile by an external force of traction. The voltage can be 220 V、380 V AC power or 24 V, 36 V DC power according to the customers' requirement, also can be equipped with gasoline engines, diesel engines and other power sources.Therefore, it has electric button and manual lever these two control methods for lift platform. There were operation buttons both on the equipment chassis and the work platform table, they can control the platform lift up, lift down and stop working.
Mobile lifting platform (SJY type) is equipped with four pneumatic tires, and traction rod is installed on the front two tires stents, we can control the working direction of the platform, making the turn more flexible by manipulating the traction rod. This platform is widely used in industrial factories, warehouse logistics, government and public institutions, property companies, construction decoration companies, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, airports, ports, 4S stores, railway stations, gas stations, stadiums and other company's high-altitude equipment maintenance operations.
It can also be customized, Xinxiang City Lift Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd will design and manufacture the lifting platform according to the special requirement. Chemical plants, refineries, gas stations and other specific places can also choose different levels of explosion-proof type lifting platform.

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