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The Hazards of the Hydraulic Lift's Overload

Our engineers will consider the loading capacity of the hydraulic lifts carefully when they design and manufacture hydraulic lifting equipment. They choose the parts and pipe according to the rated load. All the products will be fully tested before delivery.
As an professional manufacturer with more than 30 years experience on hydraulic lift machinery, Xinxiang Lift Machinery Co.,Ltd will tell you about the danger of overloading.
The loading capacity of Hydraulic lift is proportional to the wastage and failure rate of hydraulic lifts. The larger the load, the more wear and tear. The loading in a more stable condition, the wear is smaller, the fault is less. When the load exceeded, wear and tear will aggravate or become faulty. If lift always working beyond its limit load, it's just a minor matter that the goods damaged, but it will be big trouble if the people hurt.
It is easy for the user to reduce the failure rate, as long as we comply with the rated load of the device and not to overload. For conventional mobile lifts we must know it fully, and achieve safety in production.

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