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The Advantages of Aluminum Aerial Work Platform

1.Light weight
Aluminum aerial work platform is made by light and strong aviation aluminum alloy, so the parts are very light. It is easy to install, transport and storage. Self weight equals to only 1/3 of conventional steel scaffolding, and do not worry to crush the ground.
2. Structural stability
It's safe and convinced by the high strength component connection and the scientific support structure design. It use the new type cold work process of internal expanding outside pressure so that the destruction of his scaffolding fitting pull-off force reached 4100-4400 Kg, the 12-meter-high double-wide rack's maximum load is up to 500 Kg. Each column can withstand the weight of 272 Kg, the whole tower can withstand the weight of 900 Kg.
3. Easy to construct and tear down
The overall structure use the "building block" modular design, standard parts, no spare parts. Two workers can build a 20 meters height aluminum aerial work platforms without any installation tools.
4. Easy to move
The aluminum aerial work platform can arbitrarily move and lock, and it is convenient to work continuously in several different job site, because it's with a very high intensity band brake casters.
5. Better applicability
The aluminum aerial work platform has adjustable leg height, can use flexible based on steps, stairs, it can also avoid damage to marble, wood and grass on the ground with the help of polyurethane casters, and it can be in and out of tight spaces to set up and work.
6. Structures flexible
It can be specially designed and manufactured according to user's special needs.
7. Excellent rust resistance, maintenance-free
All components are specially oxidation treatment, no rust, no chemical corrosion-resistant. It's life is up to 30 years without maintenance.

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