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Reasons Of Elevator Brakes Suddenly Failed

There are several reasons cause the elevator brakes suddenly failed,for example:
1. The brake worn or damaged badly;
2. The long stroke solenoid is stuck or the connecting rod between the armature and the horizontal bar shedding;
3. The main parts of the brake was damaged or the main spring failure;
4. The hydraulic putt or hydraulic solenoid does not work;
5. Electrical malfunction.
If the brake suddenly failure, we must find the reasons first. If the damage is caused by hydraulic lifting platform brake, ignit in the opposite direction first, if it is still invalid, it should be issued a signal warning; If the goods were close to the ground and went down without danger, it is operable to weight down; if it's not allowed to land in situ, open the switch immediately, so that the brake magnet power down, brake the brake.

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