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Maintenance of Truck Crane In Winter

In winter the road slippery because of the rain and the snow . The safety driving is particularly important. And the vehicle and the crane maintenance needs to be properly adjusted with the changes of temperature.
1. The oil needs to be replaced by winter oil, and it needs maintenance on time according to the mileage.
2. The diesel should be replaced by -10# or -20#, and it should be replaced by -30# or -40# in Northeast. If man can not choose the right engine oil or diesel oil,the oil will discontinuity.
3. Install the anti-skid chain on the tires when it's snowy.
4. The water tank should to blow down in time. When the engine working, it should be waterproof and added antifreeze, otherwise the engine will be damaged.
5. Adjust the tire pressure according to the temperature to maintenance the tire.

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