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Announcements Of Truck Crane In Summer

1. Prevent the body from overheating
Engine is easy to overheat, as the temperature of summer environment is high. Therefore, the summer should strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the engine cooling system, including the water tank, the thermostat, the pump, the fan, etc., and timely add the cooling water.When the water temperature is over 100, it should stop in the shade to cool down, let the engine idle, and lift the hood to remove the heat.Can't put antifreeze liquid oh antifreeze is usually two years change!
2. Prevent battery loss
The temperature is high in summer. the water in the battery electrolyte evaporates quickly, the liquid level drops fast, and even the extreme plate shows the liquid surface, causing the battery to lose water and early damage.Therefore, in the summer, the liquid level in the accumulator should be checked regularly, and the distilled water should be added in time to ensure the normal level of the liquid level, so that the battery is in good working condition.
3. Brake failure
The brake fluid evaporates easily in the high temperature environment, forming gas resistance in the brake pipe, and the brake shoes can be easily ablated, resulting in brake failure.Therefore, in the summer, the braking system should be checked in time, and the parking air brake should be paid attention to during the long slope, so as to ensure good braking performance.If it is found that the brake hub is hot, stop cooling, but do not pour cold water on it to prevent the hub from breaking.
4. Anti-tyre burst
Summer is relatively easy to explode the season, the heat is easy to make the tyre deformation, the resistance to reduce.In the tyre itself, pressure is not standard, tire aging, performance, or in the process of driving wheel by hard metal or other hard objects, and so on and so forth, will result in the crane suddenly flat tire.Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the tyre pressure and check the temperature and pressure of the tire in time.If it is found that the tire temperature is too high and the tire pressure is too high, it is not necessary to take gas and throw cold water on it.If wading, should wait for the tire temperature to be properly lowered before wading, in case the tyre is damaged early.
5. Anti-lubrication
When the temperature is high, the oil viscosity decreases and the oxidation resistance becomes worse, resulting in poor lubrication.Therefore, oil quantity should be checked regularly in summer and added or replaced in time.Clean the oil filter and radiator in time to ensure smooth oil flow, good heat dissipation, and avoid overwork of the engine.
6. Anti-paint damage
Long-term exposure can be old and wrinkled.Ordinary beauty waxing, although some of the effect, but because any car wax contains the composition of silicon, long after ultraviolet radiation will rust the car paint, leaving spot black spot.And the car wax itself does not enhance the hardness, the anti-ultraviolet effect, will be quickly lost because of the temperature, so, small crane parking should be parked in the shade.
7. Anti-engine detonation.
Daily maximum temperature above 35 ℃ in summer, Crane's own failure rate is also greatly improved, easy to occur natural explosion and so on.

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