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Standard installation of dock leveler

1. Must be strictly in accordance with the requirements for design and construction plan.
2. Around the foundation pit must set a 1.5 m high protective railings, protective barrier is apart from the excavation distance not less than 1 m.
3. Excavation sequence and methods must be consistent with the design conditions, and follow the "slot support, support before digging, stratified excavation, it is strictly prohibited to overbreak" principle.
4. Border around the dock leveler should be set well pit drainage, adopt the drainage measures to top slope, slope, slope foot. Especially the fixed dock leveler.
5. When working in excavation or deep well, must wear safety helmet.
6. Surrounding the foundation pit is strictly prohibited overloading.
7. When the dock leveler in the process of the excavation, supporting structure should prevent collision. People should keep an eye on the soil wall changes, When found the abnormal phenomenon such as cracks, must suspend construction, superiors for processing.

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