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Explain in detail about the emergency drop valve

Generally any lift platform are equipped with emergency valve. It is an very important security measure to the lift platform, also essential. It is mainly used in special condition such as power failure or any other malfunction. It can assure the safety of aerial work personnel and goods dropped to the ground, avoiding personal injury and economic losses.
The drop valve principle of the wheelchair lift is very simple. It is primarily establish an oil return channel between pumping station and oil cylinder. The relief valve is the channel switch. If the lift can not decline because of occurrance reason, please open the emergency drop valve. Oil cylinder retraction lift platform will automatically fall. The drop valve oil return channel is small, It is very smooth in a low speed. Operator will not worry about a sudden drop.
We also should pay attention to its safe operation. When the equipment normal operation, nobody can touch the lowering valve, avoiding the accident. We should check the lowering valve regularly, to avoid
falling valve failure.
Our factory produce the wheelchair lift with the high quality valve, provide powerful guarantee for security.
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