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The proportion of the hydraulic oil cylinder in the fixed lift

 As its meaning, fixed lift is the elevator which can not move. Fixed refers to the lifts have certain local in using process. The most important part is the hydraulic oil cylinder.
Hydraulic power system is an important part in fixed elevator, the hydraulic oil cylinder is the executor in the hydraulic power system. Generally consists of cylinder block, cylinder rod (piston rod) and imported seals, cylinder body internal by the piston is divided into two sections, a note oil hole, respectively. Because the liquid compression ratio is small, so when one of the feed oil hole, the piston will be pushed to make another oil hole unloading, do dynamic contractions in piston drives the piston rod, and vice versa.
The component of hydraulic oil cylinder usually have five points. 1. Piston and piston rod 2. Buffer device 3. Air exhausting device 4. Cylinder and the cylinder head 5. Sealing device. Working principle is similar with the ordinary hydraulic oil cylinder. By point increase (hydraulic pump) at the hydraulic oil into the cylinder through a one-way valve. Then into the cylinder of the hydraulic oil can't back because of the single valve. forcing cylinder rod up, and then work continue to make the hydraulic oil into the hydraulic cylinder, Keep rising like this, When it will down, open the hydraulic valve to make the hydraulic oil back to the fuel tank. This is the working principle of the hydraulic oil cylinder. The others are all improved based on this. The principle of air cylinder and oil cylinder are basically the same, Air cylinder worked by the strength of squeezing gas produced. Hydraulic oil cylinder occupies a large proportion in the fixed lift. But the hydraulic oil cylinder in the maintenance of the equipment is not most important. Because its loading capacity, simple structure, not easy to damage, is decided by the structure and material.

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