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Features Of Our Hydraulic Lifts

Mobile Scissor lift
Advantages: The most versatile aerial work equipment, safety and stable, with wide operating range.
Features: Scissor type mechanical structure, so that the lifting platform lifting with high stability. Wide working platform and heavy loading capacity, can allow several people working at the same time. Lifting mechanism were made of high strength manganese steel rectangular tube. Equipped with overload safety device, safety protection valve and emergency drop device. Power can choose according to different requirements (such as: three-phase AC power, single-phase AC power, dc power and diesel power, etc). Equipped with manual hydraulic equipment, so that the lift can work under the power outage condition. Also can add the extend operating platform, extend the working range. to improve the work efficiency.
Application: Applicable to various industries high-altitude equipment installation, maintenance and other mobility aerial work.
Automatic Scissor Lift
Advantages: It has the function of automatic walking fast or slow under different conditions. Operator stand on the platform can control the lift lifting up and down, forward, backward, steering and etc.
Features: Automatic scissor lift can mobile itself, no need people traction, without external power supply. Convenient movement make the aerial work more convenience and quickly. It is an ideal aerial work equipment of modern enterprise efficient and safety production.
Application: Especially suitable for airport, station, wharf, shopping malls, sports venues, residential property, factories workshop and so on.

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