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How to deal with the fever of power unit when operating the lift platform

Hydraulic Lift Platform is one common equipment which is used in the workshop to transport the goods. This machine is suitable for storage and loading and workshop assembly line or up and down workshop for goods transport. The height can be increased can also be lowered according to different height adjustment. Some customers response that the power unit fever after frequent use for a period of time. Let us to interpret why this thing happen. Power unit of the hydraulic dock leveler like heart in the body, transport the hydraulic oil to reach every corner through tubing.Recently some customer response that pumping station overheating in the process of working. Hydraulic lift manufacturer prompt that customer should pay attention. Tubing of the pumping station fever is normal, but there is a problem if overheating.
一. Motor Problem
1. We are all understand the importance of motor in the entire device. Motor internal are composed of iron core and winding coils. The consumption occurs on electricity situation. This is a cause of fever which is called copper loss.
2. If the dc current is not scale or sine wave, harmonic consumption will happen. Core has a magnetic hysteresis eddy current effect, the alternating magnetic field will occur consumption, in its range and the material, current, frequency, voltage. This is called iron losses.
3. Copper loss and iron loss is reflected in the situation of fever, which affects the motor running. Usually seek position precision and torque output, obey ratio is low, current ratio is big, usually high harmonic identity, the frequency of the alternating current is also change with speed, so widespread and motor heating environment, and severe environment than as usually exchange motor, at this time should be real time contact manufacturer or professional maintenance personnel, inspection.
二. Other questions
1. Tubing plugging. Please check if the tubing fluid flow, Hydraulic oil flow not smooth also can cause hydraulic system pressure, pump station fever.
2. Machine overload, check if the equipment overload, resulting in pump station overheating, overload will seriously affect the service life of the equipment. In conclusion, we can understand the cause of fever of hydraulic oil. Hydraulic lift manufacturer remind everybody to observe the temperature change of the power unit and hydraulic oil, in order to eliminate problems at any time, to avoid the equipment damage or loss.

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