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Relationship between steel thickness and the loading capacity

The structure and thickness of the steel often affects the loading capacity and crushing strength size. As we have seen the large supermarkets and building. Backbone structure are beams. Beams with anti-extrusion and heavy loading capacity advantages. For hydraulic lift platform, all of the steel is according to customer demand. The quality of the steel has played a big role.
At present, we adopt small rectangular tube for conventional small lift platform, which can satisfy the customer's function completely. For low lifting height lift platform with heavy loading capacity, we must adopt solid high thickness steel plate. Though increased the weight of the equipment, for the working status of the equipment stability and security will play a large role. Also may be the same height, the same function, but the price disparity is very big. There is also a part of the reason is the steel is different, the customer in choosing a lifting device must have clear recognition and indicate clearly in the contract, in order to avoid to produce needless issue and quality issues.

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