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How to deal with the lift platform get water coming in

Lift platform belongs to electric hydraulic machinery. There should be no water coming under normal condition. Water will destroy the electric control unit, also can make the steel rust corrosion. So it is very important to prevent lift platform into the water. What can we do if the water into the machine? Let us to tell you the solutions.
If the rain suddenly ran into the lift platform when you are using the lift platform, please turn off the power supply quickly, to prevent the wire connection control system damage. Shut off the power supply and move the lift platform to an environment without rain.
If the lift platform is fixed, and it is filled with water because of the indoor water, Please drain the water out of the doors. Then lifting up the lift platform, preventing water corrosion of equipment.
Sometimes the water run into hydraulic system, people should replacement of hydraulic oil timely. The hydraulic oil with water is absolutely can't be use!

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