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How to discern the quality of the hydraulic oil

Small crane system is mainly composed of hydraulic system. Hydraulic oil pump generate the high temperature and high pressure hydraulic oil, which complete the operation by manipulating the valve. The importance of the hydraulic oil for small crane, is equivalent to the importance of blood to people. Therefore, the hydraulic oil quality directly decides the service life of small crane, performance and speed.
We can differentiate the quality of hydraulic oil through the following methods:
1. Watch the hydraulic oil color. if the oil show white opacity. Show that the oil contains water.
2. Use dry paper dips in the hydraulic oil, then burning. If it makes a sound, shows that the hydraulic oil contains water.
3. Take a bit of hydraulic oil in the sun to see, If there is a shining point, Or dip in with two fingers hydraulic oil friction. If feel a sense of particles, the hydraulic oil is to sit at the bottom of the tank or impurities in the oil, easy to cause the hydraulic part wear and the phenomenon of the shift lever to carry.
4. Please buy hydraulic oil from formal supplier.

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