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Operation Note Of Lift Platform

1. The Lift Platform must be placed on a firm and flat ground, to prevent the tipping while working.
2. Don't overload. It is allowed to overload not more than 10% in a short time in emergency cases.
3. Put the weight evenly distributed in the middle of the table as far as possible. It is allowed partial load under special circumstances. Longitudinal partial load load shall not exceed half of the rated load; Lateral partial load shall not be more than a third of the rated load. Partial load must be 300 mm far away from the table edge.
4. Easy to roll material, such as pipe must block tight or strapping is in order.
5. No manned protection lift platform no manned. Manned lifting table are equipped with railings and crack resistant valve. Crack resistant valve can prevent the oil pipe rupture resulting in table control falling accident.
6. Operator should prevent hand foot and clothes are squeezed while the four-wheel mobile lift platform working.
7. Press the up or down button, make the lifting table lifting up and down. If the lifting table keep still, operator should stop the lift platform immediately and check.
8. If the four-wheel mobile lift platform can't lifting up, meanwhile heard the voice of the overflow valve abnormal sound, should immediately stop check. Operator should stop the machine and check immediately. Otherwise, the pump will overheat quickly, suffered serious damage.
9. When the lift platform stop working, operator should removed the goods.

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