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How to operate the PTO of small mobile crane

The PTO is an important part of a small mobile crane, mainly used to extract power from the chassis transmission to drive the hydraulic pump. It means that, the diesel engine of the truck can be transferred to the transmission. take the power of the regenerator from the intermediate shaft of the transmission. Then the hydraulic pump is driven by a dedicated drive shaft, which can supply the various actuating elements of the crane and complete the lifting operation. The hydraulic pump is usually a gear pump or plunger pump, and the gear pump has a single pump, a double gear pump and a triple gear pump. Domestic wheeled crane multi-purpose plunger pump, Japanese import crane multi-use double gear pump, triple gear pump. When the crane is moving, the hydraulic pump must be removed from the engine. The combination control of the power grab, some using the rod parts in the driving room operation, namely manual and pick up; Most of the electromagnetic control takes the power to register, pick up.
1.PTO control device
After starting the internal combustion engine, it will operate at a low speed for a period of time. After the temperature of the internal combustion engine and the lubricating oil pressure are normal, the force can be combined.
When the hydraulic pump needs to be driven, the power supply switch of the power unit will be closed, and the clutch pedal will be stepped down, and the indicator light of the force indicator will be lit 12, indicating that the hydraulic pump has begun to work. The speed of the hydraulic pump can only be controlled by the driver's cab, and the acceleration pedal has no effect. When need to stop working hydraulic pump, the car driving indoor and tread down the clutch pedal, the speed and power switch to disconnect position, take the power light is put out, get off the accelerator and restore the function of control the engine speed, the crane can transfer. There is generally only one cab for the tyre crane, the combination of the hydraulic pump and the release, which is controlled by the control rod or switch of the hydraulic pump in the driving room.
2. Manual PTO
Some wheeled cranes adopt manual power, take the force used bolt installed on crane transmission force on the window, it is a three axis gear box, active tower on the gear of big gear and transmission shaft and power output gear meshing. The power of the engine is input from the driving tower gear, the gear transmission on the intermediate shaft and the main shaft, and finally the connected flange output on the main shaft, which drives the hydraulic pump through the universal drive shaft. The shifting fork shaft is used to move the shifting fork shaft to move the sliding tower gear to complete the trailer (off).

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