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How to reduce the high fuel consumption

According to the professional, the reason for high fuel consumption is the small crane engine. In this paper, we further collect the information online to analyze the specific causes and solutions.
The cause of high fuel consumption of small crane engines:
1. The main hole adjustment of carburetor is not in place.
2. The ignition is faulty or improperly adjusted.
3. Diesel fuel injection pumps and fuel injectors are not properly adjusted.
4. Piston, piston ring and cylinder wall wear too much.
5. Valve seal not tight or valve clearance too large.
6. The engine is too hot or too low.
The situation of the chassis technology of the small crane is the cause of fuel consumption:
1. The clutch has a slip fault.
2. The gap between the shaft, bearing and gear of transmission is too small.
3. Improper adjustment of the front beam.
4. The brake drum has a lag phenomenon.
5. The tyre pressure is not up to the requirement, the air pressure is low.
A solution to the high fuel consumption of a small crane:
1. The fuel consumption rate is higher than the original factory or the fixed value, which can adjust the main dispensing needle or the appropriate main volume hole.
2.The failure or improper adjustment of the machine parts shall be correct and the ignition timing shall be properly selected to calibrate the clearance of the spark plug, and to exclude and check the technical condition and failure of the ignition system.
3. The oil supply is too large, the oil supply of each cylinder is not uniform or atomized, etc., should be adjusted in time.
4. Piston, piston ring and cylinder wall fit between the gap of large gap or valve cylinder liner leakage, should replace piston ring or overhaul the cylinder jacket, rebore the cylinder.
5. The inlet and exhaust valve are not in contact with the valve seat, or the valve clearance is not properly adjusted. It can be determined by sound size and measurement of cylinder pressure. Grind valve and adjust valve clearance.
6. If the temperature is high, the scale of the radiator and the engine water jacket should be cleared, adjust fan belt tightness, repair the water pump, check and adjust the fan blade Angle; If the temperature is low, check whether the shutters are closed, check the working conditions of the thermostat and check the heating jacket.
7. The brake drum is hot, the brake is delayed, the temperature increases the resistance to increase, the clearance between brake drum and brake shoe is adjusted. According to the above conclusion, it is hoped that the majority of owners will find that their car fuel consumption has not been reduced, and the above method will be solved.

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