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The function of safety valve in lift platform

The relief valve is a safety protection valve. The open-close part in a normally closed state under the action of external force. When the equipment or piping within the medium pressure rise, More than a specified value automatically when open, by discharge medium system to prevent the pipeline or equipment within the medium pressure in excess of the prescribed value. The relief valve belong to automatic valve class, mainly used in boiler, pressure vessel and piping, control pressure shall not exceed the specified value, to protect the personal safety and equipment running cargo-lifts. The relief valve in the system security protection. When the system pressure is more than a specified value, the relief valve opens, the system part of the gas/fluid atmosphere/pipeline, make the system pressure shall not exceed the allowable values, thus ensuring the system is not an accident because the pressure was too high. The relief valve is also called the overflow valve, and pressure relief valve. Several typical structures of the relief valve, Piston valve, valve core is a tablet. Air pressure on the piston, When pressure exceeds set by spring force TVC, the piston is open, part of the compressed air from the valve port into the atmosphere. When air pressure is lower than the TVC, spring driving the piston down, close the valve port.Valve sealing surface should be clean.

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