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How to resolve the water temperature abnormal

The heat dissipation system of the crane is generally simple, generally composed of cooling fan, radiator, thermostat, etc. The cooling fan is usually driven by the engine and the fan speed is in line with the engine speed. The control of cooling water temperature mainly depends on the thermostat. This is different from the electric fan controlled by the thermostat used in ordinary cars and radiators with adjustable shutter. This structure is characterized by convenient maintenance and low cost. The disadvantage is that the control of cooling water temperature is not sensitive. The high and low temperature of the engine is mainly related to whether the thermostat is working properly, whether the water pump can build enough pressure and the cooling fan can meet the standard speed. The fault of the cooling system should also be judged from whether these elements work properly.
1. Check the thermostat
The thermostat used on the engine is mainly waxed thermostat. Its main performance indicator is that the thermostat should have different lift in different water temperature. Thus, the cooling water temperature is controlled dynamically. For the non-disintegration cooling system to check the quality of the thermostat, it is mainly through the radiator inlet pipe and the temperature difference of the outlet pipe. In the early period of the start of the engine cold engine, the temperature difference between the water and the water can be significantly reduced after working for a period of time. When the engine reaches normal operating temperature (80 ℃ -- 80 ℃) with the hand touch feeling has no significant difference in temperature. The most accurate test is to take the thermostat, place it in hot water, and gradually heat it up to check the opening of the valve and the lift of the valve.
2. Water pump inspection
The constant circulating power source of cooling water in the cooling system comes from the pump. Whether the pump can build up enough pressure is the key to the normal operation of the cooling system. When cooling water is added, the coolant surface decreases significantly with the increase of the engine speed, indicating that the pump is working normally. On the contrary, the water pump and impeller can be released, the cooling water can not circulate. In a small crane engine, the pump, generator and cooling fan share a belt, so the tightness of the belt directly affects the speed of the pump, fan and generator. Press the middle of the belt with the finger, the lower deflection should be in the 11-13mm (CPC3L model) is normal, too general assembly causes the water temperature too high, too small will cause damage to the pump bearing and generator bearing.
3. Cooling Fan
The fan volume test can place a thin sheet of paper in front of the radiator. When the engine is running, if the paper can be blown away, the air volume is sufficient. This is different from a car fan with a front engine. The blade can not be reversed, and the fan should be fully protected.

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