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How to ensure the small crane in the use of the engine's original cooling effect

The heat dissipation of the hydraulic small crane engine adopts the air suction air cooling, which can get the good distribution of air through the radiator core. To ensure that the small crane USES the original heat dissipation effect of the engine, it is necessary to ensure that it is in good condition with the heat dissipation:
1. Prevent the heat flow from the process
The filler around the radiator, known as "sponge". But it is not any "sponge" that can be replaced. The requirement for it in a crane is that it has to be resistant to decay, good heat resistance and bad ventilation, because its function is mainly to prevent the backflow of heat. It prevents the cold air from being inhaled from the radiator before entering the rear of the radiator (engine room), and cannot be returned to the radiator. If there is a part of high temperature gas flow back to the front of the radiator, is inevitable to reduce the cooling effect, thus cause the rise of oil, water temperature, make the engine does not work, early damage. Therefore, the inspection and repair of "sponge" around the radiator must be cut during the use of the car, and the damaged parts should be replaced in time.
2. Make sure the hot air is free
①The parts of the engine room of the engine room must not be disassembled at random, otherwise the hot air will form eddy current in the circulation process, which will affect the air discharge.②The engine cabin of the exhaust hole must be kept unobstructed, especially in the lower part of the engine and pump exhaust hole plate shall not be blocking phenomenon and place items, or you will make hot gas emptying of blocked. The inlet air volume reduces the temperature of the cabin and also increases the intake temperature. The electrical components are damaged by the early aging of the temperature.
3.Ensure the air circulation area of the cooling part
The ventilation area of the radiator core is easily blocked due to air flow and various causes during the use of the crane. Have a fence to remove a blockage in time, there is no fence according to the change of environment and construction conditions of radiator external pollution, in a timely manner to clean up and cleaning, otherwise reduce ventilation air flow channel jam area, must reduce the cooling efficiency. To prevent the pollution of the radiator inside is more important, in use must be strictly in accordance with the stipulations of the random technical documents periodically change antifreeze and cleaning, do not join the pollution of water as a substitute for antifreeze. If the internal liquid flow is blocked, one is difficult to check, and the second is difficult to clean and clear, only replace the radiator.

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